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Bringing a multidisciplinary Human science and Philosophical perspective to study the impact of AI on humans and organizations

AI Phenomenologist and Global Keynote Speaker

Ali Rebaie is a globally renowned AI anthropologist/ phenomenologist and global keynote speaker, dedicated to shaping the future of AI and its implications on society taking a unique multidisciplinary lens.

Ali advises leaders with AI-based scenario planning and strategic foresight & adaptability to help them make better decisions during uncertain times.

Ali Rebaie has built a global reputation, trusted by Fortune 500 companies and governments as a leading authority in AI, strategic foresight and decision intelligence.

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Selected Top 100 AI Influencer at the Age of 23
Delivered Keynotes in 30+ Cities Across All World’s Continents
Presented at on Global Stage at a the age of 20

What’s Unique About Ali’s Work?

Ali employs human sciences, neuroscience, ethnopsychology, behavioural science, wargaming, systems thinking, phenomenology and philosophical reflection to explore existential depths and ontological inquiries, delving into how we experience machines and life in the interconnected AI age. By aiding individuals and organizations in decision intelligence, formulating adaptive strategies, and examining the implications of the AI world on both adults and children, Ali guides them to develop the dexterity necessary to thrive amidst uncertainty.


AI-based Strategic Foresight for Business Leaders

Navigating the AI revolution with a philosophical & anthropological lens. Your guide to ensure you’re ready for the uncertainties of tomorrow

How Can Ali Help You?

Ali has presented at the largest stages across all world’s continents in front of Fortune 500 executives and national leaders. Invite him for your event.

Keynote speaker

Are you a media outlet looking for an expert commentary? Ali is available for interviews, guest appearances, and providing insightful quotes or pitches for your next piece

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As an industry analyst, Ali has advised leading tech vendors and written thought leadership pieces at top media outlets. Contact Ali for advisory, training or thought leadership services.

Advisory & Thought Leadership
Build adaptability, resilience, and dexterity

Helping Leaders

Ali As an Entrepreneur

Founder of is Ali Rebaie’s newly founded startup. Based out in Portugal as a new innovation and R&D hub. 

According to researchers at the University of Cambridge, rather than predicting the future directly, we should conceive of the future of AI in terms of ‘scenario planning’ — a powerful approach that acknowledges the complexities of our world and our need for resilience and adaptability. With this in mind, I’ve dedicated myself to developing METIS though—a platform that merges generative AI, mathematical simulations, and human sciences to simulate scenarios with profound impacts on our lives. From predicting potential food crises and optimizing resource allocation for sustainable food security to simulating conflict and crisis probability risks without relying on conventional classification models, METIS is a catalyst for informed decision intelligence. But its impact doesn’t end there. METIS dynamically reflects evolving systems under various scenarios, allowing for agile policy adjustments in line with emerging data. It also aids in planning the expansion of renewable energy sources critical for green hydrogen production and enhances overall wildfire management efforts through insightful simulations. These initiatives are more than technological advancements; they’re contributions to humanity and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, striving for a resilient, adaptable, and sustainable world in these uncertain times.

  • Working on Complex Systems and Generative AI-based Scenario Planning with human sciences
  • Unique Approach to Humanitarian Aid and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Contributing to the Future of AI and preparedness for Future Uncertainties
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President of Rebaie Analytics Group

Rebaie Analytics Group is an AI and Human Sciences-based strategy consulting and research house established 15 years ago.

  • Specializes in providing strategy consulting and research services, with a strong foundation in AI and human sciences. The focus is on understanding and predicting market dynamics, consumer behavior, and technological trends.
  •  Scenario Planning and Strategic Foresight: Engages in scenario planning and strategic foresight, crucial for businesses navigating uncertainties in the AI era. We offer insights into future market trends, helping businesses prepare and adapt. Roadmaps we provide are not linear like any other consulting firm. We provide scenario roadmaps.
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