Ali Rebaie is a principal analyst at Rebaie Analytics Group. He is also a prominent blogger and keynote speaker.

A data science anthropologist, and phenomenologist, Rebaie has been studying the impact of data patterns that govern changes in business, human affairs, and culture. His research, keynotes, and consulting help data natives and business executives to draw power from these universal patterns to better understand its impact on people and the role each one of us play in the data era. As a part of his work at Rebaie Analytics Group, Rebaie has led and developed several data-driven strategies for different industries such as media, marketing, retail, oil & gas, public sector, and transportation to help them become competitive in the new economy.

Ali has contributed and quoted in leading technology and media outlets including WIRED, CIO, Yahoo, Computer World etc...He is also a jury member of leading data science competitions and committee member IEEE conferences.

Ali Rebaie is one of the top Big Data influencers worldwide and appeared in several lists of "Who's Who in Big Data" since 2013. Also, as a mentor in School of Data, he have been training hundreds of data enthusiasts worldwide, spreading data skills and educating on the use of the data pipeline methodology to ordinary citizens and journalists.

Ali is a frequent keynote speaker at international. Ali uses keynotes as a platform to motivate and empower audiences about the latest emerging technologies like Big Data, Smart Cities and Internet of Things. According to delegates’ feedback, what always make his keynotes unique is a rare hybrid of passion on stage, research, moving audiences to action, unique combination of both business & technical presentation, vendor agnostic, hands-on experience, catchy analogies and photos that illustrate stories, and the ability to give the 360 view of the topic. Ali also blends an experience of working with vendors, software buyers, ordinary citizens, and academics.

Ali also acts as an Advisory Board member of the internationally renowned Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT)in Boulder, USA, a membership-only consortium of leading independent BI and Big Data experts and analysts worldwide. At the BBBT, Ali provides big data vendors with constructive feedback on their offerings, marketing messages, roadmaps, etc.



Rebaie Analytics Group

President, Industry Analyst for Big Data, IoT, & Smart Cities
Rebaie Analytics Group is the first research and management consulting firm that brings together both industry analysts and data scientists together to help vendors, startups and software buyers utilize data as a tool that acts as a mean to a smarter data-driven ecosystem which unleash their innovation, competition, and productivity.

Boulder BI Brain Trust

The BBBT is a member-only consortium of industry thought leaders in the Big Data and Business Intelligence area.
It is a nearly weekly Friday morning session in Boulder with a presentation, deep dive and unbridled Q&A with the significant (and up-and-coming) vendors of BI, Big Data and its successors.

School of Data

School of Data works to empower civil society organizations, journalists and citizens with the skills they need to use data effectively.
As a senior fellow, I organize training, meetups and workshops to equip communities with the latest data science skills.