Ali Rebaie is the President and principal industry analyst at Rebaie Analytics Group. He is also a prominent data scientist, consultant and keynote speaker. As a data science anthropologist, Rebaie has been studying the impact of data patterns that govern changes in business, human affairs, and culture. His research, keynotes, and consulting help data natives and business executives to draw power from these universal patterns to better understand its impact on people and the role each one of us play in the data era. His studies are based on the philosophical foundations of data, with focus on the social underpinnings of technology encounters. As a part of his work at his boutique consulting, Rebaie Analytics Group, Rebaie has led and developed several data science projects for Fortune 500 organizations in different industries such as media, travel, marketing, retail, oil & gas, fashion, energy, and transportation to help them become competitive in the new economy. Ali Rebaie contributed and quoted in leading technology and media outlets and also appeared in several lists of "Who's Who in Big Data" since 2013. Ali was one of the initiators of School of Data, jury member in leading big data competitions and IEEE conferences, and also an Advisory Board member of the internationally renowned Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) in Boulder, USA. You can connect with Ali on both Facebook and Twitter @AliRebaie.



Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member of The Boulder BI Brain Trust, founded in Colorado, USA by Dr. Claudia Imhoff, which is a member-only consortium of industry thought leaders in the Big Data and Analytics area.

Committee Member - IEEE

Ali is a committee member at IEEE conferences where he continuously advise in soliciting quality papers for the submission and review process of the Phd and Master’s Degrees research papers.

Community Mentor & Fellow

Ali Rebaie was recognized in 2013 among the first fellows of School of Data in the UK which has seen impressive development and growth, going from a simple idea to an internationally recognized data literacy programme which has trained thousands of people, worked with dozens of CSOs and has multiple regional instances.
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Awards & Recognitions


IBM Digital VIP

IBM has identified Ali Rebaie as a critical market thought leader on the topic of Big Data & Analytics and included him in their Influencer Program.

Recognized Top Big Data Influencer

Ali have been named among the top 50 Big Data Influencers since 2013 by different companies including leading Influencer Recognition company, Onalytica. He was also named in 2017.


Research Contributions

Media Mentions

Ali Rebaie is featured in international and regional magazines, blogs, TVs, interviews, podcasts, and newspapers. If you'd like to interview Ali and know more, visit Media Page