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Ali Rebaie

One of the first data science pioneers in the world. Creating my own company in my early 20s. Growing a global clientele base. Rich Online Presence & Influence. Covered all the World's continents in my keynote speeches.


Data Science Anthropologist

Data & Culture Storyteller | for Tech Enthusiasts | Brands

Are you afraid of machines taking your job? Are you a data and tech enthusiast and want to join me in my journey to help you learn the new skills you need and the ways you can build disruptive businesses? Or are you a brand who wants to tell a different story in this new age? As we move from a mundane-task oriented society and towards automation, we’ll have an “AI high-trust” culture that understand universal patterns and new creative human skills. As a data science anthropologist, I travel the world to understand cultures not just as an explorer, data scientist, or a keynote speaker but also as an anthropologist.

I produce the “Data Science Anthropologist” Travel Guide transporting you to far off destinations directly from your inbox and on social media. When I step “out” to my desk, I observe my findings objectively using data and anthropology while running an extraordinary team at Rebaie Analytics Group. We bring anthropological approaches to data science in order to understand the social & cultural dimensions of human life. Businesses can harness our expertise to build smart cities and better living.

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