What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From the Inspiring Youth I Met in Kosovo

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What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From the Inspiring Youth I Met in Kosovo

14907022_1321326867919926_6746052164407597559_nIt was a pleasure for me to be invited to KOSICT Tech Festival in Prishtina, Kosovo and experience one of the best speaking engagements I’ve ever had in an event that gathered thought leaders in the innovation and entrepreneurship. Although it is a country that faced wars and tremendous challenges, you will discover a passionate and young generation, given the right mentorship and investment, they can build a catalyst for future technology innovations from virtual reality to big data and renewable energy. Politicians were there as well and by meeting with the Minister, I witnessed the sense of commitment by the government to bring momentum to the entrepreneurial movement.  

And here’s a unique story to share with you:

While touring around Prishtina city in Kosovo the next day after my speech, I took a taxi.14730661_201613113580942_5943635027085492224_n

– Me: Hello, I am heading to X place.
– Taxi Driver: It is quite an honor and pleasure for me to drive you there, Sir.
– Me: Wondering 🤔Ohh, this is so kind of you.
– Taxi Driver: I am a student at the university and I work part-time as a taxi driver to cover my expenses here and I came to the conference to attend your speech and then left to my work. You inspired me…

I am always humbled by the feedback of my audience but this story specifically left with me phenomenal memories from this country! It is the blessing of traveling that lets you discover vibrant countries like this, full of passionate and hard working youth.

I’ve met several passionate Kosovar startups from startups trying to innovate in remote surveillance units, to a startup working on innovative and not iterative architectures for disabled humans to a startup I interviewed below working on Augmented and Virtual Reality:

Kosovo is now marked as a favorite spot in my travel map and I would love to visit it again! It is indeed one of the best parts of my job to travel and meet such incredible people and live meaningful experiences.

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Until next time!

Ali R.