Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Bring Big Data To Hollywood

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June 2, 2016
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Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Bring Big Data To Hollywood


Data Muse of the Week: Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Bring Big Data To Hollywood

Artists give shape to their lived experience by bringing it back to surface through products of arts. To illustrate, carpet designers choose materials and patterns while designing their carpets based on their lived experience. In the data age, businesses are “Experience artists” who involve in giving shape to their customer’s lived experience by bringing it back to surface through personalized data-driven products.

Understanding people’s experience and affinities and being able to engage in synthesis and finding relationships inside relationships in order to find patterns in a plurality of data points became the core engine that is driving data-driven organizations.

If artists are pioneers in bringing their lived experience to surface and tailoring their art to their fans then why should they wait to adopt the cutting-edge methods and techniques of big data analytics?

This week, Leonardo DiCaprio invested in Qloo, a big data startup which uses big data to help predict consumer taste based on different categories like food, fashion, music, travel, books, dining, and film etc… It’s interesting to note that it is the first time that DiCaprio invest in a startup not in the “environmental” domain. DiCaprio’s investment is opening the door for the entertainment, fashion, and music industry to make use of big data to better understand their fans and personalize the promotions of films.

It will eventually help them personalize trailers and push distribution to the relevant audience. DiCaprio can use Big Data to identify whether his fans who did not like his role in “The Revenant” film share common interests and what are the other films they liked. Indeed, he will be able to identify both the tastes of his fans and non-fans. Also, the value of big data is not limited to the promotion of films but it spans the whole filmmaking process. Artists are well known for delivering an “experience” and now in the data age, they will empathize with us to deliver a new movie experience before we feel that we need it or want it.

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