Speaking at Lab4City Istanbul: All About Open Data, Transportation, & Smart Cities

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February 14, 2015
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April 16, 2015

Speaking at Lab4City Istanbul: All About Open Data, Transportation, & Smart Cities

I am really excited to be in Istanbul, Turkey on February 26 to talk about my experience in the transportation industry and how Big Data and Open Data are bringing opportunities to this sector. Lab4City aims at challenging the Status Quo and create awareness in regards to Open-Data, Civic Innovation & Technology, the pillars of the Smart Cities movement. The promise of “smart cities” is their ability to collect, analyze, and channel data in order to make better decisions through the greater use of technology. And it all starts with making the data accessible to everyone. Why? Because we seek to voice the Open-Data as a global public good and a basic right, focusing our efforts towards public transport and the accessibility and use of it freely by everyone. I will be speaking in the 1st panel: Public Transport Loves Open Data Cities differ from one another and so does their status on open data. Public transport is one of the many influenced and important areas of this field. How can open data help public transport? What could be the beneficial results of it? Specialists from Istanbul and London take a seat in this panel to elaborate on the different outcomes and benefits from opening the data of the Public Transport Systems.

MODERATOR: Arzu Tekir – Executive Director of EMBARQ Turkiye


Leyla Arsan – CEO of TAGES

Justus Brown – Head of Transit Platform and Content of HERE

Kaan Kelavuz – Manager of Intelligent Transport Systems of IETT

Michael Mulquin – Director of City Building Blocks/ Member of City Protocol Task Force

Ali Rebaie – Industry Analyst at Rebaie Analytics Group


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