Top Twitter Influencers at Strata Conference -Day 2

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February 5, 2012
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August 5, 2012

Strata Conference is the leading event for the people and technology driving the data revolution. The home of data science, Strata brings together practitioners, researchers, IT leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss big data, Hadoop, analytics, visualization and data markets.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend Strata Conference this year. However, I wanted to play with some data to feel the hype happening right now at the DATA party in Santa Clara, California. 

I started the AWESOME Gephi Data visualization platform. Then I captured the #strataconf Retweets flowing in Real-time at Gephi from 8:45 AM (keynotes sessions) till 11 PM. Now going into numbers , YES I got exactly 1000 Retweets How cool? Here’s how the graph looked like at 11 PM :

Number of nodes: 685 Tweeps 😉

Number of edges: 914

Then I did a series of algorithms in Gephi until reaching the final graph…  



I then measured the True Reach of each tweep during Day 2 of Strata Conference. I got a ranking for the number of people each person influenced, both within their immediate network (followers) and extended network (non-followers).

Top Influencers during  Day 2 in order from top 1 to 20:

Influence Rank for #Strataconf tweeps Twitter Username
41 @aallan
40 @strataconf
22 @mattturck
19 @digiphile
19 @imrantech
18 @MicrosoftBI
18 @RichardSJust
18 @mikeloukides
17 @eric_andersen
16 @dtunkelang
15 @SQLGal
15 @markmadsen
15 @DataNoBorders
14 @ydemontcheuil
14 @peteskomoroch
14 @cloudera
13 @Wikibon
12 @furukama
11 @jbenno
11 @antgoldbloom
I look forward to post more cool visualizations! Stay Tuned!

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